Welcome to JJC Shine – formerly JJC Design

You may be a little surprised to find yourself here if you intended to visit the JJC site, so apologies for any confusion. In May 2018, JJC Design merged with Hampshire-based design agency Shine Creative, and we have now changed our trading name to JJC Shine.


Who are Shine?

We were introduced to Shine by an industry colleague, and we’ve been working closely with them in partnership on the Exeter Chiefs account since last summer. They are a highly successful RAR Recommended agency, with 10 staff in total – offering a massive amount of experience in all sorts of areas, gained over the last 18 years in business. Even though they are relatively small, they have a global client base – with many of those clients having been on board since day one.


Why are we doing this?

We’ve been considering ways in which we could expand our business for quite some time now – as we’re keen to offer you greater resources and to develop an even broader service offering. Working with Shine gave us first-hand experience of their knowledge and skills, and made it quite clear that a merger could be perfect for us both – especially as Shine’s founder, Samantha Stokes, lives locally and was already looking to expand her business into this region.


What are the benefits?

Shine can provide a far wider service set than JJC was able to do on its own. This includes web development, digital marketing, copywriting, social media, animation and video production – as well as more traditional areas of design, like brochures, adverts and exhibition support. With the main Shine office being located closer to London, they also work with a number of larger national and international brands, meaning they bring a wealth of additional knowledge and creativity – all of which we know will be extremely valuable to us and to you.


Find out more

Please have a look around the rest of the Shine website to find out more about what they (or rather we!) can offer, and to see what our clients think.

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If you have any questions at all please call Sam Stokes on 01252 843200 or email sam@shincreative.co.uk.