Website Audit

When carrying out a website audit there are a number of things to consider, starting with what you want to achieve from it. We will discuss this with you in detail, to ensure that we understand your audience, your business goals and your views on the existing site – plus any information you can provide on its current performance.

We then go through every section and every page of your site, to see what is working well and what could be improved – making detailed notes every step of the way. This includes viewing the desktop version in all of the common browsers, and the mobile version – smartphone and tablet – in both iOS and Android.

There are four key aspects that we look at when carrying out a website audit – design, usability, content and search engine optimisation (SEO). We can review all of these aspects, or just some of them, depending on what you need.

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We will assess whether the site design is consistent with your brand identity, and whether the design makes it easy for people to find the information that they need. This covers areas such as colour palette, typography and whether you have a clear call to action in relevant locations. We will also check the responsive elements of the design – in terms of how it changes when a browser window is made narrower, and how it looks on mobile and tablet. We’ll also check to see if the current design layout makes the content easily digestible.


It is vital that your site is both simple to use, and functions as you intended. We’ll review the home page in detail, checking all links, social media icons, text and images. Following this, we’ll go through every page in the navigation one at a time, in the order they appear – to ensure everything is working as it should. From here we will carry out a series of test exercises – to find specific information or to complete a task, such as a purchase, for example. This enables us to determine how intuitive the site is to use, and locate any areas which are not working properly, or which make it harder for a visitor to complete an action.


We will review all of the content across your site, including text, images and video. At this stage we may not know enough about your audience to comment on the relevance of the content itself, but we will check for any major errors or inconsistencies, or any display issues which affect how the site looks. We will also review blog/news pages to see if these are being kept updated, and provide feedback on overall content length.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In order to rank as high as possible on Google, it is important that your site is as well optimised for search as it can possibly be. As part of our audit service, we will carry out keyword research, to see if you are using the most appropriate keywords for your business and to check how they are performing. We’ll also look at other elements of SEO, such as meta descriptions and alt tags, to ensure these are being used successfully.

Once we have completed the audit, we will create a detailed report, which details our findings and then provides helpful recommendations for areas that could be improved – along with costings for this work, if requested.