Website Design & Development

We can manage the entire website creation process for you, guiding you through every stage of the project. This starts with initial considerations around navigation and user journey, followed by structure development and then the creation of a visually engaging site that immediately captures the visitor’s attention.

We can also assist with content creation, and ongoing support if you need it. We’re experienced in managing complex web development projects involving multiple stakeholders, as well as building simple and cost-effective sites for smaller clients. Whatever you need, we can help!

Our digital marketing team is then on hand to ensure that your site is fully optimised for search. We can also help to drive traffic to your site, through carefully considered social media activities across a range of channels. We have a simple yet sophisticated approach for managing design and development, so the entire project is delivered as smoothly as possible.

Our methodology is made up of eight core steps, click the titles below to discover more about this approach:


During this initial strategy phase, we’ll ask you to complete our Website Scoping worksheet, which will give us valuable insights about your business, your products and/or services, your target audience and your competitors. This worksheet will also help us to define exactly what you would like your new website to achieve, and which elements of functionality are needed. Once this stage has been completed, we will create an initial sitemap to ensure that the user journey is simple and streamlined – and that key information is easily accessible from any area of the site.

Information Architecture

This involves formalising the overall content structure of the site, to agree how the information will be constructed and to ensure that users can logically find the information they are looking for. We will work with you to identify ideal user journeys in line with your sales and CTA goals – and we will prepare a content workflow diagram which will assist with the content upload process.


Based on your existing brand identity, or a new creative which we may have developed for you, we will develop a professional and inspiring design for the site. The aim here is to ensure that the look and feel of the site effectively reflects your brand and your personality, instilling confidence when visitors see it for the first time.

Content Creation & Copy Editing

If you have existing content, then we can review and edit this if required, plus making any changes to ensure that it fits within the agreed template design for each page. Alternatively, if you would like to create new content for the site, then we can work with you to carry out a messaging exercise – based on face to face or telephone conversations, plus any information that already exists. This will provide you with a core messaging document which can be used for the website, and as a base for other materials. Keywords will also be considered at this stage, to ensure all content is optimised for SEO.


Once the design has been approved and a technical specification document has been written and agreed, we then manage the site through all stages of development.

Many industries are now taking a mobile-led design approach, as mobile user numbers continue to grow at a rapid pace. However, we always consider the individual client, where their main traffic sources are coming from and build with that in mind.

Any site we create will have a full content management system (CMS), enabling you to make changes to agreed areas of the site in-house after launch. We typically develop sites using WordPress or Umbraco – but, naturally, we will build your site on whichever platform is deemed most suitable.

Content Upload

As part of the development process, we will typically upload around 10% of your content – taking on-page SEO into account to ensure optimum performance. Typically this includes the top-level pages and a sample of the second level pages.

However, we understand that time is short for many in-house marketing teams and are, therefore, flexible in the support we provide – and would be happy to manage the entire site content if required.

Pre-Launch Testing

Once the site has been developed and tested thoroughly across all common browsers and devices, we will give you access to a testing environment for you to review the site and provide feedback. Once updates have been made and you are happy with the development stage, we will give you access to the CMS, so that you can add the remainder of your content. We then meticulously test everything once more, before making the site live at your chosen domain.

Post Launch Support

We offer a range of support packages, which include managing your content – for example, text updates and image uploads – and creating new content if required, as well as monitoring site performance through diagnostic software such as Google analytics on an ongoing basis. What’s more, we also offer an SEO service, to ensure your website and content is fully optimised and will perform well in SERPs.


If you are unsure about whether you need a new site, then we also offer a Website Audit service, which involves analysing your current site in detail to find out exactly what is working – and, more importantly, what’s not.