Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to promote your content – so it’s vital for your business to follow an impactful, effective and definitive strategy to reach new audiences, increase brand exposure and boost conversions.

We offer a considered selection of social media packages, which can be tailored to your unique needs and business goals. These packages are underpinned by our social media processes, which fall into two core areas – advice, which includes research and consultancy, and action, which covers direct delivery and monitoring. This means we can provide assistance in terms of helping you to understand the strategy behind profile growth, but we can then also implement this activity for you to alleviate any pressure from in-house staff.

A key part of the direct delivery phase involves working with you to build a strong content calendar – a vital resource that allows core activity to be planned in advance, and then augmented with more immediate activity based on events that happen within your industry on a daily basis. This ensures your social media channels are always populated with fresh, relevant and engaging content – content that we then use to begin building relationships with industry influencers, to increase your social reach.

Another vital part of this process is implementing a targeted follower strategy, where we use industry tools to grow your social following quickly but carefully, as it’s just as much about the quality of followers, as the quantity. We will also offer advice on how best to humanise your social media channels, and how to engage with fresh and relevant conversations to increase the reach of your own content.

Here’s a little more insight into the four stages that underpin our social media process, click the titles below to find out more:


This includes looking at both your existing social media activity, if you have any, and the social presence of your peers and competitors – identifying areas where you can make improvements quickly, to widen the awareness of your brand.


We use analytics to determine what is working for you already, and where this could be improved further – as well as assessing which new elements should be introduced to ultimately formulate an effective social media strategy that will lead to extensive profile growth. This stage also involves looking at your industry influencers and different audiences, helping you to recognise how best to engage with them, increasing relevant followers and user interaction in turn.

Direct Delivery

This is where we begin to manage your social accounts on your behalf and to curate third-party content that is relevant to your brand, for subsequent sharing. All social media management will be mindful of your editorial calendar, so we can coordinate social posts to promote your marketing content.

And if you’re missing an editorial calendar, or in need of help with your content marketing efforts, we can take care of that too. Our blog and strategy packages are designed to ultimately build one seamlessly integrated process, in which we both create your content and then promote it.

The term ‘content’ covers far more than just written articles or guides, and can also include things like infographics, animations, videos and presentations – depending on what we agree works for your audience. Any content that we produce will be bespoke and well researched, to ensure that it engages with relevant industry topics, and also promotes your products or services effectively.


With social media, understanding the level of engagement is vital. So once we have started to implement your new strategy, we will use ongoing intelligence – such as Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics – to monitor your success online and to optimise those parts of your social media activity which could be performing better. Based on these insights we will then tailor your social media strategy moving forward, to ensure only the best results.


We also provide advice and implementation on social media advertising:


Once you have started to grow your following, and to regularly produce exciting and valuable content, it may also be worth considering paid for social media advertising, to boost the visibility of your content. This enables you to reach a wider audience than just those people who follow you on each channel, and gives you the option to target people who fit your desired audience. This is another area where we can help – from something as simple as suggesting the best channel to use or advising who to target, to implementing an entire social media advertising campaign.


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