Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your site in Google’s search results, and is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. The world of SEO changes relentlessly, so we take time to ensure that we’re working in line with the latest best practices and guidelines – and keeping up to date with the most recent Google algorithm updates.

A solid SEO initiative involves two key elements – driving the right traffic to your site to enhance your company’s conversion rates, and also improving your ‘search engine ranking’ which increases your website’s visibility. This is why our services are closely integrated with our Content Marketing and Social Media management solutions, so we can create durable strategies that give your business the widest possible audience – targeting key communication channels with high quality content.

As part of our SEO service, we offer both an advisory and implementation option. Our SEO Advisory service involves analysing your site and then providing you with a detailed report on the areas where we would recommend improvements, along with specific activity recommendations for you to share with your internal web team. Our SEO Implementation service then involves us carrying out these changes for you, using our own highly experienced technical team – to ensure your site is suitably optimised in line with your marketing goals.

There are three key stages to our SEO process – click the titles below to find out more.


Our SEO work always begins with an in-depth audit of your website – allowing us to identify and remedy any potential obstacles to optimal SEO performance. This includes a detailed analysis of the structure and navigation, or ‘site architecture’ – to ensure that visitors can find relevant information as quickly as possible.

Beyond this, we carry out evaluations to determine your current position within your marketplace, compared to your main competitors – so we can help position your site within search engines as effectively as possible. We’ll also investigate other issues such as page speed, broken links and duplication of pages – using a number of industry-tested tools along the way! Depending on the size of the site, just fixing these initial issues can have a major impact on your overall search rankings.

Either way, we’ll always be open and transparent with you – offering a full explanation of the exact issues, right down to the specific URLs affected. We’ll also provide actionable recommendations to resolve these issues, to ensure your site performs how you originally intended. This initial audit stage provides a solid foundation on which to base your wider digital marketing efforts.

Keyword Research

Keyword research – the art of discovering what users type into a search engine when looking for services or products of the type that you offer – is an integral part of our SEO service. Before we can optimise a website or launch any type of digital campaign, we first need to know the best keywords to gain a good ranking for. As always, it’s not so much about quantity but quality, and generating the right kind of traffic – which will ultimately convert into leads, and eventually sales.

Customer-centric thinking is crucial here. You may have a list of keywords in mind that you feel sum up what you do perfectly, and which you would like to gain good rankings for – but your customers may not think the same way you do – so we need to know what your potential customers would search for to find your product or service.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Not only can content marketing be used to target specific search terms, but it will also improve the overall relevance of your website. Without pertinent content, Google has no way of knowing what your website’s purpose is. So to perform well in search engines, you need high quality original content, which is user-friendly and also appropriate for your desired audience.

The more written content you have, the more opportunities you have to use keywords which are related to the terms your audience is searching for – meaning your search engine rankings will go up and traffic to your website will increase. This can be achieved through the use of things like blog posts, whitepapers and how-to guides – but always bearing in mind that they have to be written for humans, not for search engines!

In order for content marketing to be successful, you need to carefully consider your audience and plan a varied calendar of valuable content – and of course, we can help with this as well! By identifying the terms your target audience search for, we can craft engaging and insightful content around those key words and phrases – to ensure your website is getting maximum visibility.

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