Content Marketing

We’re firm believers in no unnecessary jargon – so before we go into all things content marketing and strategy, we wanted to take a moment to define what it actually is.

Still a relative newcomer to the marketing world, ‘content marketing’ is the process of creating and publishing fresh, valuable and relevant content – with the purpose of attracting, engaging and retaining customers, and building brand loyalty.

Unlike traditional ‘outbound’ marketing, it is not focused entirely on pushing information about products or services out to customers – but instead providing potential customers with useful and enlightening information which they will find via your other marketing activities. For example a link to a blog article on a social media post. By combining good content with other marketing activities, you generate ‘inbound’ engagement and conversations with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

People like to digest information in different ways, so your content needs to be developed in various formats to sustain engagement and ensure maximum reach. For example by creating an infographic, an animation sequence or even a video based on a blog article.

When you post this type of visual content across your social media channels, as opposed to written content, its chances of being shared increase dramatically – meaning it’s no longer just enough to write a blog or how-to guide. Wherever possible, written text needs to be supported by relevant and striking visual content as well.

It’s all about creating high quality content that attracts attention, engages your audience and eventually leads them to make contact, at which point you can start a conversation with them, and eventually convert them into a customer. And each of these content pieces has to be part of a cohesive plan, which becomes a key element of your overall marketing activity.

That’s where we come in. We can help you to create an expertly crafted overarching strategy which communicates the essence of your brand, whilst engaging your target audience and stirring them to take action. Our team of marketing professionals and copywriters is complemented by an innovative team of skilled graphic and motion graphic designers. This means that we can help you develop an effective content strategy, tailored in line with your business objectives, and then actually produce the required content – diligently, creatively and to the highest of standards.

We cover every aspect of your content marketing strategy – from blogs, case studies, white papers, eNewsletters and guides, to conceptual infographics and engaging video or animation pieces. We can guide you through the ins and outs of content marketing, and help you create an effective strategy that boosts your blog, increases traffic and sees your social following skyrocket.

Our content marketing process is made up of eight key stages, click the titles below to discover more about this method:


We start by analysing what you are currently doing, or not doing – to identify areas where content marketing could help you engage with more prospects, and ultimately to support your business goals.


We then move on to analysing your audience, and what we call your ‘buyer personas’ – to understand more about the type of people that might buy from you. This provides highly valuable insight into why people might choose to use your business, or not. We then look at the type of content which will interest them most, and review this against any content marketing activity that you are already doing.


We then go on to establish four overarching ‘content buckets’ – the subjects or themes which all of your content will fall under. This is an excellent way to manage all types of content moving forward, to ensure your marketing remains both relevant and engaging – particularly to your established buyer personas. At this stage of the process we’ll also identify which social channels to focus on (if relevant), and what types of content you will need, in order to attract and engage new business leads.


In this part, we’ll examine everything from what social channels your buyer personas are active on, to what your competitors are doing and how you can implement growth and conversion strategies for each platform.


Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to amplify your content marketing efforts. It involves building relationships with influential thought-leaders and bloggers within relevant industries, engaging with their content or encouraging them to engage with yours – and then sharing where appropriate. The idea is that you create a reciprocal relationship, which opens both brands up to new audiences.


Guest posting involves writing content for other websites, where the audience profile complements your own. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site – and everyone’s a winner because the platform you write for gets free content, and you get access to a relevant audience in return. We can help you to establish which blogs and publications you could approach, as well as offering insight into how you should approach them, and when.


This involves working with you to map out an in-depth content calendar, to ensure that you have a consistent stream of relevant ongoing content pieces to publish. It also means that every member of your team knows what they are doing and when, and that everything is broken down into actionable, measurable chunks – with key metrics and review dates.


As well as helping you to identify the right target audience for your content marketing, and planning your content calendar, our team of copywriters and graphic designers can also produce a varied range of tailored content for you if you prefer – which will speak to, and resonate with, your desired audience.


To find out more about our Content Marketing service, please get in touch – or click back to continue viewing our other Digital Marketing services.