Naturally a lot has changed since Shine was founded in the year 2000. And a lot will change in the next 20 years or so. There are new skills to learn, networks to join and people to meet. Our clients too are changing, in order to remain relevant and essential to their industries. Over the years we’ve adapted our services in line with our clients’ requirements, growing with them as they advance their businesses further. And we’ve widened the scope of our services to reflect the changing landscape of the industries in which we work.

But even though we’ve evolved and expanded, the core of us will always remain the same. We may be an integrated agency, but in essence, we’re still all about creativity. This means that we deliver inspirational, inventive and effective ideas, and that our creativity is paramount throughout everything that we produce.

Below you’ll get a quick insight into what we do on a daily basis – the bread and butter of our agency, if you will. These are the services that our clients regularly rely on us for, and which they say we do best.

They are just the tip of the iceberg though, and there’s plenty more where they came from. We always love a good challenge – and welcome any new project that is thrown our way. And no matter what type of project we’re working on, you can guarantee we’ll always deliver inspirational, inventive and effective ideas – meticulously creating and unceasingly exceeding at every stage.