The Knitting & Crochet Guild

Website Design and Development

The Knitting and Crochet Guild approached Shine following our branding and website redesign for the Reedham Children’s Trust. Open to all levels of expertise, the Guild is one of the UK’s leading knitting and crochet charities dedicated to not only preserving these crafts, but also promoting their growth and development.

knitting and crochet guild abstract image

The Why

Home to a wealth of knowledge and resources, the Guild required a website redesign in order to help attract new paying members and position their charity more effectively.


knitting and crochet guild website image
knitting and crochet guild website banner
knitting and crochet guild become a member page

A key objective for the new Guild site included improving usability. Their current site utilised an external password-protected infrastructure, which housed their resources and membership database, but also provided members access to exclusive documents. After examining the complicated user journey for this area, we suggested that we develop both the front end of the site and the membership functionality.

knitting and crochet guild website on ipad

The What

In order to create a seamless journey, we created a password-protected area for members – complete with back-end database administration – within the new site, in which their wealth of extraordinary material could be stored and made accessible more effectively. We also made this area visible as separate navigation items within the site to entice users to sign up.

To further attract new members, we also worked with the Guild to create a set of engaging site banners communicating their core ethos, as well as helping simplify their site content and membership sign up form – elements of which we then integrated with PayPal to create a simple payment process.

knitting and crochet guild banner

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with members commenting on the site’s dramatically improved usability and contemporary feel. The Guild’s member sign-ups also increased considerably – with Google Analytics showing an impressive amount of traffic which the Guild then used to attract new advertising opportunities.

Click here to visit the Knitting and Crochet Guild website.