The Crown Estate


The Crown Estate is a specialist real estate business, with a high-quality portfolio of assets in a number of great locations. One such asset is the Windsor Estate, which includes the historic 4,800 acre Windsor Great Park – home of Windsor Castle.

Windsor Great Park mobile view on iphone

The Why

We were delighted to be selected to work with The Crown Estate to design and develop a new website for Windsor Great Park, to help showcase its new brand identity – and effectively position it as the ultimate visitor destination for both UK and international audiences.

We focused heavily on the visual and creative aspects of the new design, taking into account that our work needed to demonstrate the exquisite beauty and vibrant history of the Great Park.

Windsor Great Park Website Design and Development
Windsor Great Park Website Design and Development

The What

Being involved with the project from the very start enabled us to look at the project in its entirety, and to make recommendations on creative features which would add value for visitors – such as an interactive map and an animated historical timeline.

We also worked closely with The Crown Estate to advise on visitor journey and overall usability, bearing in mind the commercial requirements of the site. As an agency which focuses on the creative aspects of web projects, we brought in Red Hot Penny – a highly technical development specialist – to build the site, using an innovative new modular approach for the structure. This intelligent solution enables Windsor Great Park’s marketing team to make changes to the site via the CMS quickly and easily.


Windsor Great Park Interactive Map
Windsor Great Park website on tablet

In addition to the visual aspect of the site, we also became integral to the content creation work – which involved not only image selection but also writing new sections of copy, and editing existing content, to bring it into a style and tone that was appropriate for the Windsor Great Park brand. The end result is a truly beautiful visitor destination website, which has transformed Windsor Great Park’s online presence and received exceptionally positive feedback.