TE Connectivity


TE Connectivity (TE) has been a Shine client for over 20 years, during which time we have supported the business throughout various corporate acquisitions. More recently, we were selected as a key global design partner for TE, having participated in a rigorous RFQ process – and we now regularly support two expanding business divisions, Industrial and Commercial Transportation (ICT) and Energy. This particular project involved us working with the ICT division to develop a campaign promoting their worldwide Data Connectivity solutions.

The Why

Advanced infotainment, safety and networking solutions – such as driver assistance, lane detection and 360-degree camera systems – are widely available in passenger vehicles, but are now becoming more common in commercial vehicles as well. As such, TE wanted to promote their ‘next generation’ data connectivity products to the manufacturers of trucks and buses, as well as construction and agricultural vehicles. But beyond this they also wanted to convey their depth and breadth of experience in the industry – to cement their position as a global innovator and a thought leader in this competitive space, as it continues to expand over the coming years.

TE Connectivity Case Study - graphic
TE Connectivity - ICT Case Study
TE Connectivity Case Study - Campaign Toolkit

The What

We started this project by gathering information about the industry landscape and the product set from TE’s global ICT product marketing team and subject matter experts, during a series of in-depth conference calls. Our initial brief was to develop marketing messages which would communicate TE’s pedigree to the audience they had defined, and then to create a toolkit of marketing assets which would communicate these messages effectively, alongside bespoke technical illustrations and eye catching imagery.

TE Connectivity Case Study - Image Portfolio
TE Connectivity Case Study - Brochure

One of the early requirements involved creating a strapline for the campaign, and after working through a process of longlisting and shortlisting, ‘The Vital Link in your Data Chain’ was selected as being a statement which fully communicated the essence of what TE wanted to say to current and prospective customers. From here we went on to develop a full set of marketing messages for the campaign.

A key part of our creative design work was the development of a primary visual identifier to support the data connectivity campaign. This three part visual tool provided a graphic element for each of the three core areas of the campaign – safety, infotainment and networks – with each one being able to be used on its own, or overlaid to create a complete campaign identifier.

Once this had been approved we went on to create visuals demonstrating its usage on different media, alongside a complete set of detailed brand guidelines. We then went on to apply this complete campaign identity across a full range of assets, including brochures, adverts, website landing pages, exhibition materials and social media posts.

TE Connectivity Case Study - Solutions - Mockups
TE Connectivity Case Study - A4 Advert
TE Connectivity Case Study - Social Media Post

One vital element of this campaign was an exhibition stand for the Bauma 2019 Construction Machinery Trade Fair in Munich, which takes place every three years. For this event, we designed the complete exhibition stand, to showcase a variety of TE’s ICT products. This also involved creating a large format ‘floor to ceiling’ technical cross section illustration which demonstrated where these products would be located within a typical construction vehicle, and how they add value for vehicle designers and end users.

TE Connectivity Case Study - Stand Visuals 3D
TE Connectivity Case Study - 3D Exhibition Stand
TE Connectivity Case Study - 3D Exhibition Stand