Gelnius is a supply chain software company, established by our longstanding client SEKO Logistics in early 2017. The Gelnius platform helps customers set up and deploy complete turnkey supply chain solutions, enhancing both their legacy and standalone operations.

The Why

We were asked to get involved right from the start, by building a brand new identity for the business, and then creating all of the necessary marketing tools for launch. This included everything from creating a name and logo for the company, to a supporting strapline and core messaging document, and even a website.

Gelnius abstract animation case study
Gelnius Business Card - Case Study

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the new Gelnius management team. We started by carrying out a number of ‘fact finding’ sessions with the senior team, to fully understand this new supply chain software business, what services it would offer, and what benefits it would provide for the audience. We then proposed a list of possible names for the company, after carrying out background research in terms of commercial suitability and practical use.


Gelnius Development Sketches - Case Study
Gelnius Flyer - Case Study
Gelnius website - Case Study
Gelnius in motion - Case Study

The What

Once the name was agreed we then moved on to developing a supporting brand strapline, followed by a core messaging document which was created from information gathered during the fact-finding stages of the project. This involved further discussions with the Gelnius team as the full customer proposition was being developed in-house.

Gelnius Case Study - Brand Guidelines

Alongside this activity we also worked closely with Gelnius to craft a range of logo designs and wider brand graphics, refining these as the project progressed in order to create the finished identity. Then, once this was signed off, we moved on to develop an extensive range of brand asset materials. This included a new website, a short ‘teaser’ animated video intro for the launch event, brand guidelines, product logos, PowerPoint template, sales flyer, social media graphics and stationery.

Gelnius Introduction