Clancy Docwra


Since our relationship with Clancy Docwra began in 2010, we have strived to develop their brand identity, working closely with the Head of Marketing and other key stakeholders in the training and HS&E departments. In early 2014 they announced their award-winning safety scheme ‘Work Safe = Home Safe 100%’ – and to accompany this new initiative, Shine was commissioned to produce a substantial ‘Van Pack’.

Clancy Docwra - Van pack
Clancy Docwra - Vanpack booklet

The Why

The Van Pack’s purpose was to break down the different safety steps necessary on all Clancy Docwra worksites. Covering safety procedures on everything from carrying dangerous goods, through to energy efficiency, the pack needed to house an extensive amount of information, but also had to be portable and easy to navigate whilst on the road.

Clancy Docwra - van pack tabs
Clancy Docwra vanpack
Clancy Docwra - van pack on the road

The What

To bring these crucial safety procedures to life, we carefully developed our bespoke illustration style used for the launch of the ‘Work Safe = Home Safe 100%’ campaign. This striking illustration style helped bring clarity to key messages, and to successfully promote Clancy Docwra’s ethos. It was vital that the Van Pack also be physically practical, so we took particular care to ensure that it would work effectively in the hands of staff who were wearing hand protection.

Clancy Petrol can

We produced over 3,000 Van Packs, which were then placed into every relevant Clancy vehicle across the UK. Based on the current success of the ‘Work Safe = Home Safe 100%’ campaign, it is expected that the Van Pack will dramatically improve not only the safety of all Clancy Docwra operatives, but also the safety of those working and living in the vicinity of their operations.

Clancy Docwra - vanpack open