Clancy Docwra

Event Design

In 2014, the Clancy Group, one of the UK’s leading construction contractors, announced it was now mandatory to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on all operational sites. Clancy’s innovative Health and Safety initiative and Roadmap to 6S came with the aim of igniting a renewed engagement with Health and Safety practices and therefore needed to be boldly branded to ensure it reached key audiences.

Clancy Docwra packaging
Clancy Docwra popcorn

The Why

With the official strapline, ‘Work Safe = Home Safe 100%’, the company wanted to reinforce the link between safe practices at work and arriving home unharmed. This was to create an environment in which wearing the correct PPE was a categorical part of the daily work routine. As a nationwide company, the challenge came with how to simply but effectively implement the initiative throughout their extensive workforce.

Clancy Docwra display stand
Clancy Docwra packaging

The What

We developed an impactful, bespoke illustration style coupled with bold layouts and concise messaging in order to present the guidelines in a unique storyboard format. Vibrant and striking, each illustration was fundamental to the campaign, ensuring that every member of Clancy’s workforce – from management to those on the road – were fully engaged with the initiative.

Clancy Docwra popcorn and directors board
Clancy Docwra at event

The campaign was showcased at a large industry event, for which we also designed a number of unique and interactive seminar elements. Receiving an incredible response, we were informed that the Senior Executives who attended were “blown away” by the initiative’s branding – one we are proud to be involved in.