Citizens Advice, Hart


The Citizens Advice network provides free, confidential and impartial advice across England and Wales, about a range of issues such as money, housing or employment. Citizens Advice Hart came to Shine after searching for an agency to bring their creative vision to life, in an imaginative and distinctive way.

The Why

The brief was to design a multi-faceted educational pack, to engage children between the ages of six and seven, and their families – by uniting learning objectives with playful characters and storylines.

The purpose of the pack was to increase children’s monetary recognition and enhance their core mathematical skills. The main story centred around an alien called Marty, who after crashing, needed to raise money to fix his spaceship and get back home – a narrative which needed to be carefully executed across a number of printed elements.

Citizens Advice Bureau Booklet
Citizens Advice Bureau Sketches
Citizens Advice Bureau Booklet

The What

The pack needed to appeal to both children and adults, so we concentrated on an illustrative route, with a polished yet playful style that combined depth and detail with bright colours. The ‘lifelike’ quality of the illustrations helped to effectively embody the pack’s key messages, as well as ensuring it appealed to both audiences.

We then built upon the chosen illustrative style to create the body of the pack and its different elements. Alongside the main narrative, we also developed a supporting snakes and ladders board, complete with die-cut counters and dice. We even designed a wallet and a number of ‘play’ coins to help reinforce monetary awareness and encourage maximum interaction.

Citizens Advice Bureau Cut out Characters
Cut out Characters Marty
Citizens Advice Bureau Money Purse