Design Competition Campaign

This iconic product design firm came to us via our website, and we were invited to pitch for the opportunity to become their ‘go to’ agency, for many of their creative projects. The company specialises in creating attractive, design-led radiators for a high-end audience, and has been voted one of the nation’s ‘CoolBrands’ for the last three years.

Bisque case study, celebrating 40 years of iconic design

The Why

The first project we undertook for Bisque was to develop a concept to promote their radiator design competition, which was being run in association with the company’s 40th anniversary. The competition was aimed at aspiring young creatives, and needed to be eye catching and to appeal to this type of audience – encouraging competition entrants to design their own radiator, with a chance for the winning entrant’s design to actually go into production.

Bisque case study, celebrating 40 years of iconic design

The What

We developed a number of different creative concepts, all of which were intended to appeal to the product designers of the future – whilst also developing a design execution that would really push the ‘innovation’ angle of the Bisque brand, and of course the 40 year celebration.

Our proposed concepts involved quirky interpretations of iconic global designs, including one which looked for the ‘next gem’ – using a ruby gemstone as the link to the 40 year anniversary. We also considered an approach that positioned Bisque designs as ‘famous artworks’, and one which looked at the company’s 40 years of innovation.

Ultimately, one of our favourite designs was chosen. Using the campaign brand identifier ‘Radical 40’, this concept was based on the revolutionary design style developed by the Bauhaus movement. It positioned Bisque as revolutionaries within the industry, and encouraged competition entrants to ‘join their movement’ and become ‘21st Century Radicals’.

Bisque Radical 40 - Case Study
Bisque Radical 40 case study - leaflet
Bisque Radical 40 case study - Inside design booklet
Bisque Radical 40 case study - roll up
Bisque Radical 40 case study - poster
Bisque Radical 40 case study - social media post
Bisque Radical 40 - Case Study - Tube Poster design

This approach was then developed into a full set of campaign materials, to promote the competition and the 40th anniversary – including posters on the London Underground, press and digital adverts, showroom display boards and also a competition entry pack.


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Bisque Radical 40 case study - inside magazine