SEKO Logistics


SEKO Logistics is an award-winning global logistics specialist, and also a longstanding Shine client. As their chosen brand guardians, we have helped to support SEKO’s growth strategy over the years, across numerous different projects and campaigns – including both written and video case studies.

SEKO Birchbox case study - packaged box

The Why

In 2015, beauty box subscription service Birchbox selected SEKO to carry out all of its UK and Ireland fulfilment and dispatch requirements. SEKO now manages and coordinates the entire monthly box production from its 250,000 sq. ft. logistics centre in Milton Keynes – and wanted to showcase the Birchbox relationship through a detailed video case study. We were asked to take on this complex project, with a view to creating a template process which could then be replicated across numerous other video case studies for SEKO.

SEKO Logistics case study - Birchbox packing
SEKO Birchbox case study - storyboard layout

The What

We began by developing a storyboard template which included a complete run-through of the project – starting with a generic opening sequence which could be tailored for each case study. This then continued through an introduction to the client; how the relationship developed; the geographical scope of the project; the exact work which SEKO carries out for Birchbox – and closing with the results of the activity, and the benefits of working with SEKO. The piece was then finished with a generic closing sequence, which again can be adjusted for each client.

The next stage of the project was to arrange for the video footage to be captured, and this involved writing a set of questions for Birchbox and SEKO contacts, and a detailed brief for the videographer. We also attended the session on the day, to ensure that the required footage was captured – including arranging interview sessions with one of SEKO’s directors and two of the Birchbox senior operations managers, in different locations. It was important to gather not only the interview sequences, but also clips of the Birchbox products going through the SEKO facility – including picking of stock, packing it into all of the different the monthly boxes, and then dispatching these to the customer.

SEKO Birchbox case study - Dean Townsend
SEKO Birchbox case study - animation screen

After filming was complete, we then reviewed each element and selected suitable sections from both the interviews and the facility footage to create a ‘rough cut’ for SEKO’s approval. Once they were happy with the edit, we then finalised the video and designed all of the necessary graphics sequences – as well as animated on-screen text to highlight key statistics, and of course a suitable music track for the background. The final requirement was then to use all of the interview content as a base to create a written case study for the SEKO website, and to be added to their marketing toolkit.

SEKO Birchbox case study - office frames

Since completing the Birchbox project, we are now working with SEKO on a number of other video case studies across a range of industry sectors. Meanwhile the finished case study is now enabling SEKO to demonstrate the value of its service and expertise to other retail and beauty industry clients, and helping the sales team to win new business as a result.

SEKO Birchbox case study - With Love graphic
SEKO Birchbox case study - website view
SEKO Birchbox case study - PDF Print case study