In the spirit of sports mastery: our shining sporting moments

This photo well and truly marks the beginning of a sporting youth and the determination to succeed! Throughout her time at school she competed regularly in district sports (the discus and shot put – Gulp!) and she became quite the budding young athlete. That athleticism most definitely remains today, although Sam has swapped the track for the office, chasing Ickle (our cutesy guard dog) every time she gets a whiff of the postman!



Our Digital Manager was once what can only be described as a true badminton great, coordinated, agile and diligent – unrivalled across land and sea – he competed at county level and won the National Schools Team Championship. These days you’re more likely to find Dan on the cricket pitch – usually praying it won’t rain – and looking forward to the after match cucumber sandwich (minus the cucumber) and a nice cold beer!



Darron’s been told to get on his bike by Hilary more times than we can count, and it seems like he finally took it to heart. He took on the London to Brighton bike ride after cycling for only two months, completing it in a very respectable six hours. A man of many talents it seems (although Hilary may be tempted to dispute!). To this day Darron maintains that he could have been faster, if it weren’t for the abundance of bacon rolls en route – a tasty obstacle we feel even the greatest athletes couldn’t overcome.



Courageous, skillful and nimble, April was the reigning hula hoop champion in her primary school days, striking fear into the hearts of her sports day competitors. Nowadays she’s far removed from the sporting world, which has recently been made painfully (literally) obvious for her after taking on a spinning class with Nadine. Unable to walk for three days, she vows never to go near a bike again!



Starting her sporting journey 13 years ago, Laura is Shine’s high-flying trampoline expert. Coaching adults and children alike throughout her time in college, Shine has regular trampolining seminars under Laura’s supervision. Okay, maybe not, but one day we hope! Right now we’ll just have to settle with jumping out our chairs when Ickle starts woofing!



Having once lived in Germany, Nadine went skiing every year in Austria from the age of three, ceaselessly transcending the snowy slopes with the tireless energy we all wish we had! Her talent for sports is still going strong today – unperturbed by the toughest of challenges; Nadine can complete a spinning class without blinking an eye, and can even carry April out of the gym after!



Last but certainly not least, Hilary was apparently something of a demon (but a graceful one!) on roller skates in her day. Competing in roller dance and figure skating nationally, she went on to pass her N.S.A exams in both. Hilary’s skates remain close to her heart even to this day – she likes to tell Darron to get on them when he asks her to stop whistling.




So, there we have it, the Shine team’s sporting moments! A far cry indeed from the Championship athletes, so we know we are best suited to watching them within the comfort of our own homes, perhaps with a bacon roll or two.