Shine Creative launches the new Windsor Great Park website

We were delighted to be selected to work with The Crown Estate to design and develop a new website for Windsor Great Park, which boasts an exquisite tapestry of sweeping parkland, award-winning gardens, antique woodland and forest trails. The purpose of the new site was to effectively showcase Windsor Great Park’s new brand identity, and help position it as the ultimate visitor destination for both UK and international audiences.

Encompassing The Savill Garden, Virginia Water, The Valley Gardens and the majestic Long Walk and Deer Park, Windsor Great Park is steeped in a rich Royal heritage, all of which needed to be captured in the new site. The visual aspects of the project were therefore a major focus, as well as creative features that would add value for visitors, such as an interactive map and timeline.

Working closely with The Crown Estate throughout the project’s creative and content creation requirements – as well as a highly technical development specialist, Red Hot Penny, who built the site using an innovative modular approach – we are truly proud of the new Windsor Great Park website, which has transformed its online presence.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please click here to visit our Windsor Great Park case study. Alternatively, you can also download our press release.