Making the right connections at InnoTrans


We had already been working with TE on its strategic messaging, to promote the Rail industry in line with the Mind of the Engineer campaign, so it was important to develop this concept throughout the videos we were asked to produce. The plan for these was twofold, firstly that they would be used on the 160m2 TE exhibition stand at InnoTrans – to educate potential clients and to provide insight into the company – and secondly, some of them would also be used to give current and new clients more information about specific items of TE hardware after the event.

It was vitally important that the new videos presented a consistent visual style. Not only to enable immediate recognition as part of the TE brand in the busy InnoTrans environment, but also to ensure they worked seamlessly alongside the overall Mind of the Engineer concept. The other factor we had to accommodate was an extremely tight timeline in the run-up to the event in Berlin.



Due to the strict time limit, and the complexity of the shoot, we set up a studio on location at TE Connectivity’s offices, reducing the impact on the employees who were involved in the interview sessions, and allowing us to be more responsive to their needs and to any issues that arose during filming.

Each video needed its own subtleties, and planning was paramount to ensure everything was completed to schedule. The initial set of ‘talking head’ videos closely followed the Mind of the Engineer concept, and were designed to give an insight into the people who work for TE, and their individual expertise. We recognised that what makes TE so special is the calibre of its employees, and therefore chose to keep the visual style of the interviews as simple as possible, to allow the content to speak for itself – using minimal graphics to avoid any distraction from the key facts.

The second series of videos were more instructional, introducing consumers to TE’s new line of label identification printers. We wanted to make sure that each of these did not come across as ‘just another instructional video’ – which meant paying particular attention to the details. For example, placing products on a background branded with TE colours, and lighting them in a visually interesting way to promote the aesthetic appeal of the equipment, as well as its excellent functionality.

To further complement the use of the videos at InnoTrans, we also carried out a portrait photography session with the interviewees in the same visual style, and then worked with the stand designers to achieve the large-scale production required for the exhibition execution.



As well as providing InnoTrans visitors with engaging insights into TE, the Mind of the Engineer videos now also feature on TE’s global site and are actively used to promote the people and opportunities that are at the heart of TE Connectivity. Additionally, all of the instructional videos are now also hosted on the TE global website – and are being used as sales and training tools, to educate TE’s distributors and end customers on the hardware and its operation.

Combined with the video content, and TE’s bold brand colours, the large format graphics we created also helped to provide a strong and memorable presence for TE at InnoTrans, which was vital to the success of their attendance.




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