Josie’s Dragonfly Trust – our chosen charity for 2018!

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust are a wonderful charity who work tirelessly to create happy memories which make a positive and very real difference to the lives of young people and children with cancer. The work they do is truly inspiring, as they aim to make patients’ ‘Dragonfly Dreams’ a reality, allowing them to create precious and lasting memories together with their families – in the limited time they have left.

But they can’t do it alone.



We were first introduced to the trust in 2016, when our founder’s son was at Durham University and we were sponsoring its annual Fashion Show. Following the success of the event, and substantial local media coverage, Jane from Josie’s Dragonfly Trust got in touch with the loveliest email asking us to share our marketing knowledge and experience. Sam, our director, was so taken by the email that she immediately agreed to support the wonderful work they do.

Since then, we’ve been providing complimentary marketing and design services, supporting the trust with various activities and generally advising them on how best to manage their social media presence – all to help increase the reach and awareness of their worthy cause.

This year, we are working with the trust yet again, as our chosen charity for 2018. We hope to continue increasing donations and raising awareness of the inspirational work they do – which will ultimately make an incredible difference to the number of people the trust is able to support.

By working together, we can help Josie’s Dragonfly Trust make young cancer patients’ dreams come true – and help them leave their mark on the world.


To find out more about the amazing work Josie’s Dragonfly Trust does, and how you can donate, please click here – and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this post on social media!