How can video help develop your brand?

We all live in a visual society. Every day we’re bombarded with all kinds of images, from printed and digital adverts to merchandise and typography – the list goes on. Everyone knows that if you want to stand out, you have to have an interesting visual story to tell – and as a result of this, we’ve seen more and more of our clients asking us to develop inventive, well thought out, and visually striking videos to help them reach their customers.

Online video is of course nothing new. Ever since YouTube went live in 2005 it’s been increasingly popular – and phenomenally so after being acquired by Google in 2006. But in the past few years we’ve seen businesses begin to adopt online video in all areas of the workplace, using it as a tool to not only market the company, but also to educate their workforce and promote their brand standards.


Why should you use video for your marketing?


In the increasingly vast world of the internet, it can be incredibly hard to get noticed. According to HubSpot, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content, so video is key to getting more brand exposure.


As we mentioned earlier, video is now being used in all kinds of ways by businesses, from testimonial and animated explainer videos, to engaging educational pieces to help promote a brand’s unique personality and values. It’s important to remember that it can be used to spread your brand into all areas of your business, and not just as an external marketing tool. Training videos for example can help promote your brand’s ethos and visual standards to all your employees – which can also boost company morale and ensure you’re being consistently represented.


Video can also have a positive influence on your search engine performance because it is very shareable – particularly across social media! Companies also like to link to relevant video content when writing news articles or blog pieces, so make sure you allow others to embed your videos as links, as this increases the potential for more inbound traffic to your site. This can then have a positive impact on your site’s reputation and in turn, your search ranking.

Make an Emotive Connection

Video can communicate core messages much more powerfully than just words on a page – not to mention in a much faster manner as well! If a brand’s video content can evoke emotion in people, this can have a huge impact on its success. It’s a well-known fact that emotions have a great deal of influence on our decisions and how we react – they can not only incite actions, but can also help build trust and brand loyalty.

In only 2014, 64% of the world’s internet traffic was made up of video – a pretty astonishing figure. What’s even more astonishing is that by 2019 Cisco predicts that this figure will rise to 80%, so make sure you start taking advantage of it!


How can you apply video to your own brand?


So, you have your business ethos posted on the ‘About Us’ section of your site, but nobody appears to be staying there to read the text. Sounds familiar? If so, it’s time to start thinking about incorporating video content! By adding a visually engaging video to pages such as these, you then create a reason for your visitor to stay there – and it also helps to communicate your ethos more effectively. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not consider a short animation piece to bring the story behind your company values to life? This will help offer further insight into how your ethos has been created, as well as helping to ‘humanise’ your brand.

Case Studies

We know creating videos can be easier said than done. However, video case studies in particular really are a huge asset to your marketing, especially if your clients are willing to get involved. Creating a video case study helps you to communicate more of a project’s detail without overwhelming the viewer, and this type of marketing also demonstrates the loyalty of your clients, who have been willing to take the time to be interviewed. Showreels are also an excellent way to showcase a collection of work quickly and effectively. We’ve included an example of one of our showreels below, featuring the video work we undertook to support TE Connectivity’s attendance at InnoTrans – a highly significant International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin – and demonstrate their new range of label printers.




A brand has to resonate internally as well as externally, and a well-produced educational video can make all the difference to an employee’s sense of wellbeing. However, many videos of this type are out of date, badly paced and uninteresting. But by putting together something new, with excellent production values, you’re telling your employees that you value them, and are investing in their personal growth – which is why this sort of educational content is also an excellent tool to use as part of a recruitment initiative. For some large organisations, it’s also an effective channel for senior executives to connect with their employees, who may not come into contact on a regular basis.

News and Opinion Pieces

With industry news and major discussions taking place throughout the media every day, there’s always something for your company to talk about. You could offer your thoughts on some informative industry news, or even talk about how what you’re doing is newsworthy, or offer tips on how to overcome any well-known industry issues. The possibilities are endless!


Where can you use video?


This is fairly obvious of course, but a crucial point to mention nonetheless! Video content can be placed on your product pages, information pages, case study pages or in your news section. You can also use video to demonstrate products – and the ASOS catwalk videos are a great example of this. Vimeo and YouTube offer a really easy embedding tool which should work with most Content Management Systems, making it easy to add video content to your site.

Social Media

YouTube could host your video content of course, but you need to share it via other social media channels. With Twitter, Instagram and Facebook putting more and more emphasis on video – (Facebook alone gets 8 billion video views per day!) – it is certainly time to make sure that you’re sharing video across all your social media channels.


A few years ago no one had heard of a small application called Periscope, which is now owned by Twitter – but today huge brands such as Nike are using it to help stream events and product releases. Providing your audience with exclusive live content in this way really helps to make your customers feel valued, and strengthens your relationship with them in turn.


If you’ve got a really captivating and informative video, using it at tradeshows and exhibitions is a great way to entice potential customers onto your stand. They are far more likely to be receptive to this than a traditional promotional banner, or someone trying to hand them a brochure or whitepaper!



If you want to increase audience engagement, improve relationships with your customers and prospects, and get in front of a bigger audience, then you need to take advantage of video. It is only going to continue to grow as a marketing medium – and the fact Facebook’s video views doubled from 4 billion in April 2015 to 8 billion by November of the same year is testament to this.


If you’re not sure where to start with video, please get in touch with us today, so we can begin the process of helping you to create some incredible video content! Email or give us a call on 01252 843200.