The ‘A Team’ and British educational charity – ETF

Having already established a strong relationship with one of its member charities, the RMNEF (Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation), we were delighted to be introduced to the wider Educational Trusts’ Forum (ETF) network – and its Chairman, Henry Beltran.

Founded in the early 1980s, the ETF is a British educational charity which is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and young adults through a good education. We were chosen to work with the charity to design an inspirational brand identity, and create a new website that would better serve those in need – and throughout our relationship with the ETF, we have maintained a truly collaborative approach, in line with our traditional business ethos.

Since we first came into contact with the ETF in 2014, we are truly proud of the close and meaningful relationship we have developed with each of its trusts, and its wonderful chairman Henry Beltran – who has now dubbed us as the ‘A Team’! Our careful and attentive project management helped to ensure that each of the ETF’s trusts were happy with the charity’s new branding and website, resulting in an uplifting brand identity and professional new online platform that they can all be truly proud of.

We have also been working with Henry on a PR initiative to help raise the charity’s profile and draw attention to the new site. As part of an upcoming press release, he shared the following comments, which we feel capture the close relationship we have formed with the ETF, and the excellent work that has been delivered as part of this:

“The preparatory work for the new website was a process of research, discussion and execution that has resulted in an exciting and serviceable modern website that reflects Shine Creative’s expertise in getting to know its client’s identity, and how it wishes to promote itself for the good of many young people who are in need of a good and supportive education experience. Shine Creative is to be commended for its professionalism and creative imagination that has admirably served ETF’s needs.”


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