Brand perception is for life, not just for Christmas

The personal touch of a Christmas message is an ideal way to connect with your target audience on an emotional level – and clients tend to purchase on emotion and justify with logic. This means that a unique branded Christmas message can be an important part of a valid business strategy for boosting customer loyalty, as well as being a great way of maintaining positive relationships with your client base.

A Christmas message also acts as a meaningful gesture of appreciation to your customers – and by adding some little extra touches of innovative creativity, you can make sure your brand ethos is communicated in a way that is both memorable and personable.

As a creative agency, we are always offering inspirational ideas that add an element of individuality to a business, which can help raise your profile and give your brand that all-important extra flair. For a sophisticated approach, an eye-catching animation is an effective communication tool to promote the culture of your company. It could also be a successful way of promoting a charity you are supporting for example. By creating an entirely unique message, animation brings your brand to life in an engaging and impactful manner, generating an interest that will bring your business to the forefront of your customers’ minds.

For a different approach, you could consider using a light-hearted video message to communicate with your customers. Messages of this nature hold a great deal of value in terms of social media, acting as easily shareable content that can increase the reach of your Christmas communication piece and subsequently enhance brand awareness. In addition to this, if you’re aiming to increase your Twitter engagement, make sure you incorporate a memorable hashtag in your video as this will help initiate an online conversation that both your customers and other users can participate in.

If you’re planning to go digital for your Christmas message this year, you could also incorporate an end of year eNewsletter which rounds up key events, success stories and case studies – or even includes a Christmas competition. All of these elements collectively reinforce your company’s experience, and email broadcasts can also be tracked, analysed and then potentially used to kick off a new year email marketing campaign – with the competition results being announced to your client base.

Alongside your festive message to customers, you may also want to consider supporting this by implementing a bespoke Christmas branded homepage, leading banner image, or social media profile, which can elevate your online presence and enhance your company profile. Even making a change to any eSignatures you may use shows that you are a business that is attentive to its presence across all channels of communication – it’s all about the detail!

Ultimately, carefully crafted communication offers a direct route to building and maintaining stronger relationships with your clients – demonstrating that you have a longstanding interest in them – regardless if you’re currently working closely with them or not. This can then help build trust in your brand, which in turn, may lead to additional business opportunities, increased revenue and, we hope, a merry Christmas for all!



If you would like any further advice or help with creating an inspirational Christmas initiative for your customer base, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 01252 843200 – we’re full of plenty more exciting festive ideas!