Back to the Drawing Board: The Return of Our Shine Illustration

We decided that it was just too selfish to keep our beautiful Shine illustration tucked away in our office. For this reason, we’re restoring it back to its rightful home. Taking centre stage on our website home page is this stunning piece by an old friend, freelance graphic designer and talented artist, Dee Dee Ruffo Nash. Commissioned by our owner Sam some 12 years ago, Dee Dee created this abstract piece as a means of celebrating the success of Shine Creative- and we’ve never looked back!

Looking to evolve Shine’s innocent brand imagery one step further, Sam briefed Dee Dee to develop the complexities of our visual messaging. To represent the individuality of the business, Dee Dee interweaved a series of client testimonials and values amongst a mesh of more intricate line work and imagery which she felt best portrayed the creativity of the Shine team. Whilst the title ‘Shine Creative’ is centred at the heart of the piece, the testimonials and values which define Shine blossom out from the central typography. You really have to get up close and personal to appreciate the wonderful complexity of this design and the magnificent gems, hidden within the artwork. From the names of valued team members, to messages such as ‘Little people, big hearts’, the intricate illustration creates an Easter egg hunt for all the different elements of Shine’s identity. Attention to detail is fundamental here at Shine, so what better way to express this than by incorporating a work of art which is just as elaborate as the company itself!

Given we pride ourselves on the tiny details, let’s tell you a little more about the artist in question. Dee Dee (yes, a fabulous name!) is a member of the West Wycombe Art Group, with an avid eye for detail and nodding towards the figurative. Her work blooms in many forms, ranging from hazy oil paintings to sketchy ink drawings. In the latter, she applies an approach which she refers to as ‘constructive doodling’. Here, she allows her pen to spontaneously roam the page and take its own natural course. It is the freedom of Dee Dee’s work which truly reflects the rollercoaster of creativity. With this in mind, Dee Dee was the perfect fit when it came to finding someone who could visually capture the brains behind our brand. When asked about the term constructive doodling, Sam replied: “I’ve spent my life creative doodling in my mind. Every quiet moment is filled with fluid images that lead to visual delights, which ultimately provide solutions for our clients. It’s simply how creative minds work – Dee Dee manages to apply these exquisite doodling intricacies to paper.”

When visitors land on the Shine home page, we want them to be greeted by the warmest of welcomes. The history and sentiment of this piece really does make us feel all nostalgic and fuzzy inside – the last 12 years have flown by! But really, all of the same values in this artwork still stand. We at Shine are as focused as ever in delivering bright new ideas in the most personable manner possible. And 12 years later, we still find ourselves staring at this piece and uncovering pearls we’ve never seen before…we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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