The Simplicity of Great Writing

Great writing doesn't have to be filled with complicated jargon and lengthy sentence structures to make an impact. In fact, the simple ways are often the best.

Quick Tips for Perfectly Punctuated Emails

It’s not just what you say – it’s the way you say it. And when it comes to writing emails and projecting a professional appearance, understanding how to punctuate correctly is essential.

Industry Insights: How to Shine During Your Work Experience

For budding creatives, work experience can be a great place to start. We're a firm believer in the value of experience so, when Jess joined us for a week at our Exeter office, we rallied to collect both her and Sam's input on why it's so important to sparking careers.

The big pitch: how to conduct market research

You’d be forgiven for thinking consumer research will cost a fortune, or take several weeks, to carry out. But there are a number of ways to conduct research on a budget, in 72 hours or less…

Shining a light on the Ocean Stars charity

Sam’s sister-in-law Sandra has been working with this fabulous charity for some time now, and we recently designed a creative craft activity pack for her to take out to Sri Lanka on her latest visit.

The new marketing tool: Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is undoubtedly the latest mobile sensation, so we wanted to take a look at how it's influencing marketing strategies around the world…

This just in: the RAR Download 2016

We were delighted to receive our copy of the RAR Download this morning – a single source of insight on agencies that are highly respected by their clients.

Shine’s job hunting graduate crash course

The last three pasta and caffeine fuelled years, and the 1pm lie-ins are a distant memory. Full-time work is on the horizon and naturally, you’re a little bit nervous…