Our Values

Our traditional working practices form the foundations of Shine.

They are a unifying influence that fortifies our work. From considered research that initiates an iconic brand design, right through to the perfecting of a social media campaign – our traditional approach makes sure we are all harmoniously working together in the best manner.

We’re unshakeably loyal to these foundations, click the values below to find out why:


Good relationships mean good business.

For us, it’s all about the relationships we actively work to create, nurture and protect.

It’s the time we take to listen to our clients, so we can seamlessly immerse ourselves in their world, to understand exactly what they want and need.

Our client relationships are of paramount importance. We treat each one as we did our very first, with the same level of loyalty and attentiveness – whether their business is large, small or anything in between. The fruitful results we achieve mean so much more when they are built upon strong, meaningful and progressive relationships.

Attention to detail is fundamental.

Human error is inevitable, on occasion. Thankfully, mistakes are extremely rare at Shine, because we are meticulous in everything we do.

Attention to detail is so important, because the smallest element of a project can tip the scales. So it’s about taking notice of everything – vigilantly checking and checking again, just to make sure.

There are no shortcuts with Shine. No such thing as ‘that will do’. Everything we create must be exceptional – both in its beauty and its effectiveness.

Carelessness can damage both our own reputation and our clients’, so it’s vital that we are scrupulous in the entirety of what we produce, every single day. Our whole ethos is based on building trust. Without trust, relationships falter. And without relationships – well, what are we left with?

The extra mile is there to be travelled.

Whether that ‘extra mile’ is long or short in reality, it can still make a huge difference. It could be as little as staying late to guarantee a deadline is not missed or providing an extra update to ensure peace of mind.

Whatever the details may be, we believe that small actions go a long way when it comes to making our clients’ lives that tiny bit easier.

It’s also about being proactive in sharing new and exciting ideas, constantly thinking of unique ways to help each client stand out and be noticed – so they can promote their business in the best way possible.

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels – we’re always engaged and ready to test the waters with a fresh strategy or a creative idea that may be slightly left of field – but all the more thrilling as a result.

At the end of the day, the ‘extra mile’ comes down to the relationships we form with our clients – helping them to rest assured, knowing that we will do everything we can to support them. That we are there by their side, no matter what.

Even without the luxury of time, the right results will be delivered.

Handing over the right answer with plenty of time to spare is the easy part. Managing to do the same when time is not on your side is another story. And in business, the reality is there is almost never ‘enough time’.

This is why we must be able to deliver inspiring work with apparent ease, whether we have two days or two months. But behind that work, there will be an intricate web of planning and execution, with every element still properly considered and expertly managed.

Every project requires total concentration and utter immersion in the finer details. It is our duty to ensure that we provide this standard of service, regardless of the practical circumstances – because only then can we deliver the best possible results.

There is always, always a solution.

We know from two decades of experience that there is always an answer to any challenge that we’re presented with. Whether that’s finding a unique creative approach, or using our industry relationships to bring a complex project together when the clock is against us.

We don’t just read a brief and take what’s on the page at face value either, we always delve deeper to find the bigger picture. We are unfailingly imaginative in the face of creative challenges, and unflappable when it comes to ever-tightening deadlines.

One of our core strengths is that we see things differently. At our heart, we’re problem solvers – equipped with the experience, diligence and determination that enables us to find unique and unexpected solutions – faultlessly delivered, time after time.