Our creative process

What we do is of course vitally important – we know that we have a duty to supply the finest work, and to generate a return on our client’s investment. But it’s how we do it that really sets Shine apart, and that’s why we were created – to be a little bit different from other agencies. We take time to listen to our clients and to understand exactly what they want, even if they are not sure themselves! Then we work with them in the way they like to work, and we communicate in a way that suits them.



Taking the essence of each client’s business, we establish a framework designed to help us understand how the organisation is perceived and its challenges in the market place. This is the first stage of our how.

It’s taking the time to understand the market for which the design is being created – accumulating a thorough knowledge of how that design will stand up against competitors.

It’s strengthening the message through relentless examination, exploration and consideration.



This is the process of strategically working upon our research to define a position for our client’s brand, and the ways in which this can be built upon.

The ideas may be down on paper – but we look beyond what’s on the page to truly see the work in context, considering what each audience will think, and say.

We know there will always be one square peg, and we find it.

We make it better.



We vigilantly plan each element of a project’s delivery – from branding and website redesign initiatives to integrated marketing campaigns. Each element is purposefully executed in a certain way, or at a certain time for an impact that’s accomplished, meaningful and lasting.

Alongside social media content calendars, technical website specification documents and integrating branding development with intelligent messaging, we also sanity check every piece of work we produce. Each goes through multiple people, ready to pick up on discrepancies or inconsistencies. And then we have a final look through – just to make sure.

This is how we ensure that each brand and its unique characteristics are consistently and effectively delivered, across all audiences.


Brand Stewardship

A brand is an ever-evolving entity and it’s one that needs to be thoughtfully nurtured over time.

It’s our duty to manage projects proficiently, so we continuously sustain a company’s brand position – attentively and diligently – to allow its full potential to always be met.

As part of this process, we identify ways in which our clients can maintain and develop their brand’s visual and verbal influence across new mediums, to ensure it is as impactful as possible across all marketing communications, at all times.