How we work

There are two elements to our work.
The what. And the how.

The what

The what is important. It’s the finished product we present to our clients.
The iconic new brand identity. The insightful copywriting. The gleaming web design. Essentially, it’s what we’re paid for.

With the what comes great responsibility. We have a duty to supply the finest work for the most careful cost. But we believe that the how is more important to our clients.

Without the how, there would be no what.

The how

The how is why Shine was created.

It’s the time we take to listen to our clients and to understand exactly what they want and need – even if they are not sure themselves.

It’s the recognition of who our clients are and how they like to work. It is the careful consideration of their brand, to make sure we are providing unparalleled recommendations and solutions.


Composed creativity

It’s banquet day at the Palace. The Royal garnish is missing. The catering team is frantic. Tearing, dashing, careering around in a blind panic. Where is it? Where has the garnish gone?

The Royals sit serenely. The gentle patter of conversation ebbs and flows across the table. The air is still. The heir is peaceful. Doors open and dinner is served from gleaming silver platters.

“It all looks divine,” smiles the Duke. “Thank you.”

It is our job to make sure that our clients never get an inkling of stress. Often it’s calm here – but there are times when it all just goes askew. Urgent client requests, mounting deadlines, power cuts. It happens.

What’s important is to ensure that our clients do not experience any of this. Regardless of moments of madness, we know exactly what’s what on our projects at any one time.

We even know where the garnish is.*

*Hiding behind the mustard.