Website Design & Development

Your website says a lot about you and the way you present yourself as a business. And for many customers, your website will be their first port of call when it comes to finding out more about you – so you want to be sure it’s looking good!

We have a simple yet sophisticated approach for managing website design and development, so the entire process is delivered as smoothly as possible.

Our methodology is made up of eight core steps, click the titles below to discover more about this approach:


The initial strategy phase where we define exactly what you would like your new website to achieve. We then create an initial site map, to ensure that the key information is easily accessible for your visitors.

Information Architecture

This involves formalising the overall structure of the site to agree where each piece of information will go, before finalising the site map. At this point we also create a technical specification document, which outlines every aspect of the site and its functionality.

Content Creation & Copy Editing

We will review and edit any existing content which you would like to add to the site, as well as creating fresh and original copy as required – based on information provided, or any conversations that we have.


Based on your approved brand identity, we will create a professional and inspiring design for your site, ensuring that this effectively reflects your brand and enhances your reputation. Once the design of each page template is finalised, we will then update the technical specification document and request final sign-off before commencing programming.

Development & Deployment

We typically develop sites on a range of platforms, including WordPress, Umbraco and Django – we can also assist with eCommerce requirements, utilising intuitive plugins that include WorldPay and PayPal integration. Any site we create will also have a full Content Management System (CMS), enabling you to make changes to agreed areas of the site in-house after launch. Once designed, we manage the site through all stages of development, including uploading a percentage of your text into the CMS, before handing over for you to populate with your own content on an ongoing basis.

Content Upload

We will upload a proportion of your content, to start you off. This will typically be 10% of your content – or the top-level pages, and a sample of the second level page. You will then be able to provide feedback, and approve the design.

Pre-Launch Testing

Once the site has been coded and tested thoroughly across all common browsers and devices, we will give you access to a test site for you to review and provide feedback. You will also be able to add the remainder of your content to the site. Once updates have been made and the site is approved, we then meticulously test everything for a final time before taking it into the live environment.

Post Launch Support

We also offer a range of support packages, which include managing content – such as making text and image uploads – as well as creating new page content and monitoring site performance on an ongoing basis.