Digital Marketing

Modern life is undoubtedly digital – but what exactly do we mean by ‘Digital Marketing’? In short, it’s any kind of marketing activity that takes place online – websites, email marketing, social media, mobile apps and so on – as opposed to something that’s printed.

According to research by Forrester and eMarketer, the average company is likely to allocate just over 40% of their marketing spend to digital activity in 2018 – and that figure is only set to grow. So it’s vital to create a compelling and considered online experience for anyone that is interested in engaging with you – and we can help you with that process.

Our team has a range of digital skills and expertise, enabling us to help you with your entire online presence, or just elements of it – depending on what you need. We also offer an advisory service, for companies that just want to know what digital opportunities might benefit their business.

Before undertaking any digital marketing or design project, we will work with you to identify your current position – which means looking at everything from your overall business objectives, to your USPs and of course your competitors. We can then advise you on the best approach for your business, and your available budget.

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