What you say, and the way you say it, means a lot in business. For us at Shine, copywriting is the art of creating written content for the various design and marketing projects that we undertake for our clients. It is through copy that we help give our clients’ brands a voice to speak to and engage with their audience.

We have a wealth of experience in producing high quality copy for numerous clients. This includes brochures, websites, adverts, articles, direct mail pieces, press releases, white papers and so on – the list is almost endless!

We always work to the same exacting process, regardless of what we are producing:


Writing engaging copy requires thorough preparation and an exact understanding of your audience. We consider everything, from key service features and USPs, to the outcome you are looking for when these audiences read your messages.


This involves aligning key information with the fabric of your company’s brand, so we can craft copy that is fresh and insightful, to support and elevate your brand identity. We’re also relentlessly attentive to the purpose of the copy we produce, so any online content is always mindful of the best SEO practices.


All our messaging undergoes a detailed editing process – to ensure that it is produced at the highest level of accuracy, and that it will truly captivate your readers.


If you’d like some examples of copy we have worked on, please get in touch. You’ll also find some of our useful blog articles below.