A brand captures the essence of your business – the standards you set and the impact you create. Strong brands shape decisions, form trust and build relationships that last. This is what we’re all about – our inspirational creativity helps you generate consequential influence.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or evolve an existing brand identity, our integrated services and branding expertise caters for a range of requirements. This includes logo design and development, as well as the crafting of typography, colour palettes, brand hero images and photography – together with brand straplines and messaging. So rest assured that whatever your needs, our seamless branding process – which we have carefully honed over nearly two decades – will give you the result you’re looking for.

The branding process consists of four stages, click the titles below to discover more:


All of our branding projects begin with a structured brand workshop, which provides a unique opportunity for us to work together to effectively distil your objectives. The workshop allows us to truly immerse ourselves in your industry and gain an in depth understanding of your challenges, audiences and goals.

Based on our findings from this key initial stage, we then carry out additional research of your industry landscape. This helps us further understand how your organisation is perceived, and how your competitors are choosing to position themselves in the marketplace. We then strategically build upon our discoveries to define a position for your brand, and the ways in which this can be developed.


The words you use, and the way they are used, are also a key part of brand development. We can work with you to revaluate your existing marketing copy, to accurately communicate your brand message to your audience. Or alternatively, we can start right from the beginning, taking time to understand your audience and what you need to say to them – before creating a comprehensive messaging document that defines not only your brand personality, but also clearly articulates who you are and what you do, in a way which is engaging and easy to understand.

Depending on your needs, we can also work to refine your existing strapline, or create something new, fresh and instantly memorable. These straplines are then added to the later stages of your brand design, to ensure each element works together seamlessly.

Beyond that, we can help you to develop your ‘tone of voice’ as part of this process, to ensure that it represents the personality and the values of your business. This could be as simple as advising on which tense to use, or whether contractions are appropriate – or it could involve the creation of a complete tone of voice document, which will form part of your overall brand guidelines.


This is the stage where we methodically craft and refine an arresting mix of imagery, typography and colour, to create a visual identity that will captivate your audience. As designers, we believe that attention to detail is fundamental, so we carefully consider every element, even down to the psychology of colour – as well as examining every aspect and implication of our proposed brand designs.

Based on the preferred creative routes which you select, we will further explore these approaches – considering how they will be used across all internal and external communications. This involves designing a selection of high quality creative theme boards, to demonstrate how each concept will be developed across everything from your website and social media, through to brochures, stationery and promotional materials. This allows you to experience each creative route in its entirety, and to understand how it could go on to form an inspirational and cohesive visual language for your brand.

Brand Stewardship 

A clear set of brand guidelines are essential in order to monitor and sustain your brand position. Once the new brand identity is finalised, we will create a clear set of guidelines to ensure that your visual standards are never compromised when used by anyone else – whether that’s within your business, or external suppliers and partners.

Long-term, this phase develops further, as we identify ways in which you can not only maintain, but develop your identity – ensuring a compelling and consistent brand across all marketing communication, at all times.


You’ll find a showcase of just some of our branding projects below, but drop us an email if you would like to find out more.