SEKO Logistics


SEKO – who are one of our longest-standing clients – initially launched this advertising initiative after winning a number of prestigious accolades in their awards season.

Seko Logistics - Wellington Advert
Seko Logistics - Umbrella Advert

The Why

They wanted to maximise their exposure and raise awareness of their achievements, both within the industry and their client base – as well as thank the readers who had nominated them for their first-class supply chain solutions.

In a predominantly safe and predictable industry, SEKO like to push the boundaries to catch the attention of their peers and prospects, so these adverts, in line with our work with the SEKO brand over the last few years, needed to be distinctive and as visually arresting as possible.

Seko Logistics - Apple

The What

We decided to create a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ concept execution in a clean yet striking fashion. Focusing on SEKO’s bold red and black brand colours, we chose a number of recognisable red objects to feature within the adverts, which were then further supported through conceptual headline copy to communicate their core messaging in a contemporary manner.

Seko Logistics - Cherry Abstract
Seko Logistics - Wellington
Seko Logistics - Umbrella
Seko Logistics - Apples
Seko Logistics - Cherries
Seko Logistics - Print Advert

The adverts were well received throughout the US, by the client and industry publications, quoting our original ideas – and the fact that trade press members look forward to seeing what SEKO do next. The concepts are now being utilised for other promotional purposes including facility graphics and exhibition giveaways, and we have also created a series of additional adverts to raise awareness of SEKO’s core services and to generally raise their brand profile.

Seko Logistics - Apple Advert