The secret ‘other life’ of Gill Prince

Firstly, thanks to the rest of the Shine team for letting me ramble about my other passion here on the blog! You may not know it, but when I’m not at the PC writing copy I’m usually found up a hill, or flat on the floor, or scrambling over rocks on a windswept beach – camera in hand, waiting for that moment of light and shadow which creates the perfect image.

This description pretty much sums up the life of most landscape photographers – and while I’m only really an amateur by comparison to the ‘greats’ of the industry, I’m learning new skills every day and expanding my hobby into all sorts of new avenues – including starting to sell my work via the popular image library Alamy.

Last year, this development of my photographic exploits saw me exhibiting six images at The Mall Galleries in London as part of ‘Light & Land on the Mall’, and receiving a highly commended in the international Urban Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.


Singapore Helix Bridge1


Meanwhile this year has already found me taking on the challenge of shooting 50 images for a book to celebrate Milton Keynes’ 50th Birthday – so no-one ever said the life of the amateur photographer was dull…


The Point MK1


I’ve been taking pictures since I was seven, when my dad gave me an old Russian Zenit SLR that weighed a ton. I made the shift to digital in 2000, and am still constantly amazed by what they can do. As a photographer who is also an avid traveller, I prefer to pack light, so I have what is known as a ‘mirrorless’ camera – which is smaller and lighter than most traditional DSLRs – and these types of camera are becoming increasingly popular with amateurs and professionals alike. Much easier when trekking up hills or clambering over rocks to get that perfect shot!

I mentioned the highly commended earlier, which was actually in an urban photography competition – and it’s fair to say that while landscape work was where I started, I’ve since developed an interest in many other styles of photography. Not only landscape and urban, but also street photography, travel of course – and more recently things like macro and a relatively new genre known as ‘ICM’. That stands for Intentional Camera Movement, and as you can see, it’s probably more ‘arty’ than many other photographic styles that exist.


New Forest ICM1


My most recent adventure was a 10 day trip to Scotland over Easter – including a first visit to the gorgeous Isle of Skye, which is a true photographer’s paradise.


Fairy Pools1


We completed a fairly major road trip and covered around seven different locations, including an early morning shoot at Castle Stalker on the West Coast, where we were treated an extremely lucky rainbow, Though we had made a point of getting up for sunrise intentionally, so it wasn’t all luck. It’s moments like these that make all the early starts, freezing cold and getting rained-on thoroughly worthwhile!


Castle Stalker Rainbow1


On that note, I have many more stories to tell of similar escapades around the UK and beyond, and the team have asked me to carry on writing the occasional blog on my photographic adventures – so watch this space!


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