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Help Us Do Our Bit for The Poppy Appeal

For this year’s Remembrance Day, we’re combining visual poetry with poppies to help raise money for The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

The Drum Design Census Report 2016: Bang on

Take a look at our full-page advert in The Drum Design Census Report 2016, which brings together a selection of creative expressions developed by the Shine Team….

Dean’s top 10 trainer designs of all time

Since the age of thirteen, our Digital Marketing Executive Dean has amassed a pretty extensive collection of trainers - over 80 pairs! It’s something he’s really passionate about, so we asked him to rank what he felt were the best trainer designs of all time - it was a hard task to say the least, ‘like picking a favourite child’ we were told!

Vinyl: The revival of a lost art

In light of this year’s Record Store Day and the ever-growing buzz surrounding the ‘vinyl revival’, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the resurgence of this physical music format and its artistic value…

The secret ‘other life’ of Gill Prince

Gill Prince has been our copywriter here at Shine for many years, but for even longer than that she’s also been an avid amateur photographer – so we thought you might like to know a little more about what she gets up to when not crafting compelling copy for our clients!